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EGF projects in Austria

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Labour Foundation Automobile Styria (Stiftung Automobil Steiermark)

Due to the financial and economic crisis there was a drastic decline in exports of vehicles which has hit the Austrian automotive sector particularly. People from nine companies in the automotive manufacturing and automotive supply sector were affected. The Labour Foundation Automobile Styria should support the employees that were made redundant and thereby mitigate the crisis’ effects. There were about 330 participants. The foundation was to two-thirds (€ 5.6 million) funded by the EGF, the affected companies contributed almost one third of the means and the rest was funded from national public funds.

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Labour Foundation AT&S – Styria (Stiftung AT&S Leoben Hinterberg – Steiermark)

Approximately 30 of the most disadvantaged people, that had lost their job at AT&S could benefit from this EGF project. It included measures such as assistance in active job search, qualification and skills development. The total cost of the project amounted to nearly € 700,000 EUR, of which the EGF contributed around € 450,000 EUR. The project ran until March 2012.

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Steel Foundation Lower Austria / Styria (Stahlstiftung Niederösterreich/Steiermark)

In 2008, due to the economic and financial crisis the exports of metal industry dropped dramatically. This resulted in 1,180 redundancies within 54 companies in Lower Austria and Styria. The EGF assisted some 300 persons that had lost their job. Within the steel foundation they were supported with professional orientation, active job search as well as training and qualification. Two-thirds (€ 5m) of the funding were provided by the EGF, almost one third by the affected companies and a small extent by national public funds. The project ended in March 2012.

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Transport Workers in Upper and Lower Austria (TransportarbeiterInnen NÖ/OÖ)

In 2010, a large number of people were made redundant in the transport sector in Upper and Lower Austria due to the financial and economic crisis. The cargo business had collapsed in 2009 and this downward trend continued in 2010. Many unemployed were able to find a job quickly; around 140 people were eventually supported by the EGF. They received vocational guidance, could continue their education or learn another profession and were supported in their job search. The EGF provided around € 600,000 for this EGF project. € 300,000 were funded nationally. The project ran until the end of 2012.

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Labour foundation Social Services in Styria (Stiftung Soziale Dienstleistungen Steiermark)

In 2011, a large number of people in the social service sector in Styria became unemployed. An EGF project was launched in order to offer them assistance in re-orientation, training, qualification and active job search. The unemployed were offered employment assistance, career guidance, personal coaching as well as individual training and education. 225 people participated in the labour foundation. Around € 3 million were funded by the EGF plus € 1.6 million nationally. The project ran until the end of 2013.

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Austria Tabak

320 employees had lost their jobs following the closure of Austria Tabak (Austria Tobacco) plant in Hainburg in Lower Austria. In December 2011, an application was submitted to the European Commission, to help finance the labour foundation for the terminated employees. The EGF funded support included measures such as re-orientation, qualification and assistance in active job search. The EGF co-funding amounted to € 2.1 million plus € 1.1 million of national funding. 193 people participated in the project, which ran until the end of 2013.

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My EGF-Story

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