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European Globalisation Adjustment Fund

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Individual support for employees

European Globalisation Adjustment Fund – EGF

The EGF supports labour market policy measures as e.g. orientation, training and formation. EGF funds can be requested, if a higher number of workers has become unemployed due to globalisation or global economic crisis.
Precondition is that more than 500 people are made redundant within one enterprise or within one branch and region within a certain period of time.


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Which are the requirements to apply for EGF support?

A minimum number of people has to be affected and the application has to be justified by globalisation or crisis effects: The number of redundancies has to amount to at least 500 persons.

Which measures are supported by the EGF?

The EGF co-finances active labour market policy measures, which support people that were made redundant. Offers comprise amongst others active job search, vocational orientation, training, qualification as well as subsidies for start-ups. In Austria, EGF-measures are usually carried out as so-called labour foundations (Arbeitsstiftungen).

Who may apply for EGF co-funding?

Applications for support from the Fund are filed in by the Member States and submitted to the European Commission (EC). Individual persons and companies cannot file an application directly.

Which are the EGF-projects that have been implemented in Austria so far?

So far there have been six EGF-projects in Austria. Details are made available under EGF in Austria.